Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Do You Want To Talk About?

I've got all sorts of things to blog about, but I just haven't been in the mood lately. Until today.

I considered blogging about my weekend. How I had a primary activity on Friday night where we practiced the primary program and served pizza to somewhere around 130 kids and teachers. Every single teacher showed up and all but five kids in the whole primary came -- and the pizza was totally eaten in about three minutes. That's what I call success and CRAZY! Oh, and I thought about blogging about my all-day adoption conference I was in charge of on Saturday. How over 80 people showed up (way more than I expected) so I had standing room only for the key note address. I was in charge of set up, take down, decorations, food, RSVPs, advertising, coordinating all speakers, mingling, helping ensure new couples feel cozy about adoption, convincing my husband that we need another baby, speaking in one of the workshops, etc. Oh, and then the next day we executed the primary program which was marvelous! It always is, but it felt nice that it was a success since I have an image to maintain, you know. I was so tired after primary was over I literally sat in a primary chair and had to pray for strength to walk to my car.

I considered blogging about how after I came home from church my my dear friend Shauna brought her two boys over to spend the next few days with us. You'd think that after my weekend, plus four boys under the age of five I'd be ready to be institutionalized. But my 48 hours with the boys is over and it was terrific. Yes, there were extra bums to wipe, shoes to put on, carseats to strap, meals to prepare and clean up, and silly jokes to laugh at... but in a way it was easier because I also had less entertaining and listening to do. Yep, I admitted it. Buddy's incessant talking and questions wear me out and drive my batty. For a solid 48 hours he had a couple other little people to talk with. Car rides were especially heavenly. In some sick way, I'm convinced more than ever I need and want more kids. Sorry G.

I considered blogging about how my wonderful spouse not only put up with my crazy weekend, but he put his shoulder to the wheel and did more than I could ever recap for the primary activity and adoption conference. Even though he said he'd rather have a colonoscopy than go to the adoption conference, he came and did all sorts of setting up and cleaning up and serving food. And he even pretended to be interested when a few people tried to shoot the breeze with him. Oh, and my mom not only babysat the boys all day Saturday, but had so many fun activities planned to do with them that my they were both mad at me the rest of the evening because I'm so boring.

I considered blogging about how for ten days straight at least one member of my family had the stomach flu. Bless the power of healing because it all ended in time for my big weekend.

I considered blogging about how G is going out of town tomorrow for the rest of the week. But I begged him to fly home before church on Sunday because there is nothing worse than wrangling a room full of hyper primary children AND my baby at the same time.

I considered blogging about last week's election and all my thoughts, feelings and opinions on that whole subject. I'm a little depressed it's over, actually. (Am I sick?!) I miss the Gordon Smith/Jeff Merkley ads. If Buddy chews with his mouth open these days we tell him to stop eating like Jeff Merkley (inside joke that only Oregonians will enjoy...). I didn't vote for Obama, but I'm not terribly disappointed. I've laid awake at night thinking about the election results and really I'm quite impressed by the way he inspires so many people. We always say we "wish there was someone with integrity running for president" and this year we had two men with a great deal of integrity and patriotism. I will pray that he can keep the level of hope strong so that the young people and really anyone who voted for the first time will not be disheartened when the state of the union doesn't change as rapidly as they thought (and he promised) it would. I'm mostly worried about the economy and just find it so strange that most people trust Obama with the financial crisis. I'll save my rant about that for another time, but clearly the majority of Americans disagree with me about basic economics. There is no way that "redistributing wealth" and funding all of his programs will work. No way. And after a conversation with my very smart accountant at the adoption conference on Saturday, apparently most of Americans disagree with him too.

And then I thought about blogging about how my baby gave me two kisses a couple of weeks ago but refuses to do it again. BUT! He does hold my cell phone to his ear all day. Is that funny, or pathetic?

But instead of going on and on, I'll attach two pictures of the cutest faces I've ever seen in my entire life.


Myndi said...

Phew--glad your big weekend is over because reading about it just about did me in. Wow, your amazing.

H's favorite toy is my old cell phone (and current one, I think only because he knows it is forbidden). When all else fails to calm him down I have to go to the reserves: texting daddy, even if he's sitting next to us on the couch; petting Damnit, and/or listening to his current favorite singer, Taylor Swift. Yesterday Taylor and Justin Timberlake were both on Ellen at the same time--it was a dream come true for him.

I definitely think you should have more kids...but don't tell G I said so. When your good at it why stop? (which may be the mentality of the Stones, but you are NOT the Stones).

StrykerLOVE said...

you are amazing m - wish i could come over and just chat about life for a while. got called as the 1st counselor in primary 3 weeks ago. already taking over my life. Why does the 1st have to be in charge of baptisms, junior primary, AND scouts - the MOST activities, banquets, meetings etc of them all?! Anyway aren't I glad I don't have to meet with the bish and make the final decisions in callings!!

crazymamma said...

oh m..you seriously are super super super women! I am soo amazed by you! you are such an amazing friend and i am soo grateful to you for watching our boys. Words cannot tell you how grateful i am! I knew that you have had such a crazy couple of weeks and i seriously owe you and g big time!Tell G to take you to somewhere.just the two of you!..you deserve a break and i want the boys!!

Emily said...

You are wonderwoman.

Also, I wholeheartedly agree on the more kids part.