Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Recap

Here are a few highlights from Halloween at the G & M household.

  • There's nothing like keeping the Halloween munchies at bay like a case of the stomach flu. A mild case for M and a nasty case for Sambo.

  • Several costume ideas later, several hours of hard work for Buddy to earn money for a new costume, major negotiating to convince him he should wear the costume he already had and to save his money for a new discounted costume after Halloween, we finally persuade Buddy he should be Captain Jack Sparrow. But only after supreme-court worthy arguing from all parties involved and promises of really cool face paint if he'd wear the dang costume.
  • G takes it upon himself to do a marvelous make-up job. Our neighbors are still talking about how cool Buddy looked! It's interesting that parenting brings out all sorts of unknown talents. (It turns out G is really good at drawing dragons and crocodiles as well.)
  • G and Buddy have dinner and do some trick-or-treating with friends.
  • M passes out candy at our house while trying to snuggle with Sambo on the couch and cleaning up approximately three rounds of vomit from the baby.
  • A quick photoshoot with Sambo's dragon costume, just so the costume Buddy and I lovingly chose for him last year before he was even born could be put to sort-of good use.
  • Buddy and G return to the house and do a bit of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Buddy is very excited to see all of the neighbors and tries to let himself into pretty much everyone's house.
  • Grandma Debi comes over and ends up taking Buddy home with her to spend the night in order to save everyone's sanity.


R said...

Love the dragon; he looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

Buddy looks great in beard and mustache...see Uncle J's blog for comparison.

Glad he could come over while he was on his candy sugar high!
Grandpa R

Myndi said...

Seriously, Buddy's makeup is really sweet. Too bad you guys were sick, we were sick at our house too and it made me really sad I didn't get as much out of Baby's first Halloween as I was hoping--I'm not kidding, I have been looking forward to it for months and bought the Hippo outfit way in advance too. I guess next year Sambo and Baby will understand it more and so it will be like the first again.

Mandy said...

I'm totally impressed with G's face painting on Noah. He looks awesome.