Friday, December 11, 2009

Kindergarten Math

I received confirmation this week that Buddy and I were cut from the same cloth. He was doing his math homework unsuccessfully the other day so I stepped in to help. I read a few of these questions and was totally confused. Try as I might, I could not understand what they were asking.

I know, embarrassing, considering this is KINDERGARTEN after all.

Before this experience I thought I was pretty good at math. I kicked G's trash in Statistics at BYU. So I figured if neither me nor Buddy understood the questions, certainly G wouldn't (he want to law school for a reason).

G took a look at the assignment and gently informed me Buddy and I were way over-thinking this and then he gave us the answers. Now see how smart you are. Answer the questions in the comments.

1. Were there more rainy days or windy days in December?

2. How many days were there of snowy or wet weather?

3. How many more days were snowy than sunny?

4. How many days were not windy?

5. Were there more rainy or sunny days?

6. How many days of dry weather were there in December?


Jordan said...

It seemed easy to me. But maybe I am totally off.
1. rainy
2. 18
3. 1 more day
4. 2
5. rainy
6. 13


M said...

Sorry Tahsha. Wrong.

Nicki said...

I thought I was doing fine until #4, now I'm just confused. I don't get how it's each square supposed to represent a single day or what? This is going to bug me all day so you'd better call me and explain it :)

Jordan said...

Well you better give us the answers and explain them. Maybe they just gave bad directions.

Jordan said...

Also were you given more directions or did it just say answer the questions.

Emma said...

I think the answer to #4 is 27. Only 4 days were windy. Other that I wold say the same as Tahsha.

Jordan said...

Ya I realized number 4 should be 27. Is that the only one I got wrong?

R said...

1. Rainy
2. 18
3. 1
4. 27
5. Rainy
6. 13