Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Hope to Adopt!

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We have had a BIG announcement in the works for a few months now. 

We have recently been approved to adopt our third child.  This is very exciting for us because it means we are certified and have completed all the necessary paperwork, background checks and interviews to become adoptive parents again.  But it also means that it’s time to do everything we can to find our next baby.  We have had several spiritual experiences in the last two months since we’ve been approved that have helped us see that we are being prepared for another adoption.

We are working with LDS Family Services, as we have the first two times.  And while the agency does a lot to help us and support us, we feel very strongly that this time we need to be “anxiously engaged” in finding our baby through our own networking.  We have a feeling that our friends will play a role in helping us accomplish this goal.  Adopting a third time is really exciting for us and we encourage you to ask us questions and feel welcome to look at our online profiles and send them to anyone you think might be interested in seeing them.

Just this week a family in Arizona that promotes adoption has featured our family on their blog and other websites they are apart of.  We were very flattered that they waned to help us as well.  We think this is important for several reasons.  First is spreads the spirit of adoption and reminds people that adoption is a blessing and a principle of the gospel.  Second, it shows the Lord we are doing what we can.  And third, your promoting our adoption helps us — it’s as  simple as that!  

We hope you feel welcome to use the following links, the "Hope to Adopt" button on our blog, or any of our information as you wish.

To find out more, please visit our LDS Family Services profile.

Or our family’s adoption blog.

Merry Christmas and thank you so much for your help and support!  We appreciate it!


Jordan said...

I'm going to commit myself to doing all I can to help.

Brandy S. said...

I started to cry a little when I saw you were approved to adopt again! You guys and the boys are such an amazing family! Any child will be given an incredible gift to be a part of this family! Love you so much! -B