Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Native Oregonian

I am the rare Oregonian that actually likes the rain.  Of course I also like the sun, which we get quite a bit of, notwithstanding all sorts of popular myths.  That's how you can tell a Native.  We have no problem with rain.

Today it's raining in Oregon and pretty much everyone I've talked to is complaining up a storm about it.  We had some horrible whether last week: sunny yes, but in the teens, and we Natives are not accustomed to temperatures that cold.  I hated it!  As a matter of principle, I don't like weather that adversely effects my utility bill.

Here is an interesting fact I had to share with you:  today was the first day that I've had to pick Buddy up from the bus stop in the rain.  Three months of school so far.  I walk a couple of blocks every single day to get him and I've never had to venture out with a raincoat until today.  So either it doesn't really rain as much as everyone thinks it does or it doesn't rain at 2:30 in the afternoon on school days.  Or it just means we had a fabulous fall and so that's why everyone is complaining now.  We got spoiled.


Nicki said...

I felt the same way - I WAY prefer rain over cold. Last week reminded me too much of Wisconsin.

Sarah said...

I was so relieved when it started raining finally--winter finally felt normal. (I so hate cold, or worse, snow!)