Monday, December 14, 2009

This Month is Such a Special One

I've mentioned a time or two that all four of us have birthdays within 4 weeks of each other -- plus there's Thanksgiving and Christmas and several relative's birthdays during that month as well.  I've never seen so much wrapping paper, eaten so much cake, and seen our bank account dry up so quickly.  It's been a nonstop party at our house for the last few weeks.  My birthday hasn't even arrived yet and between getting older and getting burned out on birthday parties, I'm suggesting we just skip it.

Since I never blogged about my firstborn turning six, here are a few pictures.  We celebrated by having a few friends come over to play.  Buddy wanted a mummy-themed party, but I was too busy to plan one, so I threw together some mummy hotdogs and some really lame cupcakes and called it a party.  We also ate dinner as a family at Famous Daves, Buddy's favorite restaurant. 

And then my darling baby turned two.  He quickly got the hang of opening presents and blowing out candles.  So cute!  We celebrated his big day at a work Christmas party and by perusing the isles at Toys R Us, his favorite store, then we ate dinner as a family at Five Guys, mommy's favorite.

G turned the big 35 yesterday, and we celebrated with church, naps, a homemade steak dinner with twice-baked potatoes, broccoli, and a fabulous chocolate cake, if I do say so myself.  We had dinner the night before at Red Robin, Buddy's second favorite restaurant. 

My birthday is next week.  We'll be with G's family and we're planning a dinner WITHOUT kids at the Melting Pot.  I guess we shouldn't skip my big day after all.  If getting older means getting fondue, then I'll take it.

By the way, Emma and my Dad got the correct answers on the December Weather assignment.  Good job!


Nicki said...

Those mummys turned out so cute! Happy birthday and holiday month :)

Myndi said...

Those mummy hot dogs are awesome!

Jordan said...

Can I have a mummy party?