Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Lego Night

Before very recently I had never put together those fancy lego sets.  G grew up a lego fan and even now has probably 10 sets from his childhood tucked away.  Turns out I really like building legos too.  I have absolutely no creativity, so I'm not any good at making up my own creations, much to the disappointment of my children.  But I'm amazingly talented at following the directions.  (We all have our talents...)  That realization began a new family tradition called "Family Lego Night." 

This is how it works:  The boys each pick out a lego set and G and I work one-on-one with a boy to build the set.  We all sit together in the family room, listen to music, and work on our legos.  G and I try to help, but the boys mostly like us to take a supportive role, especially Buddy.  Although even Sambo is amazingly good at doing legos.  He doesn't know how to follow along the directions (since he doesn't know his numbers), but if I pull a lego brick out of the pile, he can look at the picture and figure out where it goes with surprising little direction.  It's as fun as it sounds!  We all absolutely love it!  Two Family Lego Nights down in the past few weeks -- and we expect plenty more.

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