Monday, April 4, 2011

7-Up Incident

Today I got a message from Buddy's teacher that said, "Hi.  I'm calling because we had a little incident at school today with Buddy.  He has been the model student for the past month, ever since we last talked.  I've implemented several of our ideas and they are totally working.  Except today he's been really off.  It wasn't a huge deal, but I thought I should let you know because he'll probably come home upset.  He was goofing off during work time and I had to talk to him sternly twice because he was trying to get his friends to laugh and just wouldn't stop.  He eventually did and apologized and everything is great.  Just wanted you to know."

I wasn't too shook up about it, but I did find odd, as did the teacher, that he would act out today.  For the next few minutes before Buddy got home I was reviewing what could have possibly set him off today.

When he came home he told me about what happened right away, and I praised him profusely for his honesty.  He said the kids thought he was really funny and he just couldn't stop himself from goofing off.  Then he said he was absolutely starving and needed a big snack. 

As he helped himself to a snack, I asked him if he'd eaten his lunch today since he was so hungry.  (He has only not eaten his lunch one other time this year.)  He said he couldn't finish it because... "OH MY GOSH, MOM!  DAD GAVE ME SODA IN MY WATER BOTTLE TODAY!"

I noticed G putting soda (10 ounces to be exact) in his water bottle last night and cautioned him that I thought it was a bad idea.  Every time he makes Buddy's lunch, he always puts a surprise in there.  Usually a note as well as a small treat of some kind.  Today he decided soda would be a good/fun idea.  Everybody knows Buddy does not need soda.  "Have you met our son?"

"Buddy, when did you get in trouble today?  Was it before or after lunch?" 

"After," he said. 

I immediately emailed Buddy's father and strongly encouraged him to use better judgment next time he packs the lunch.

P.S.  Speaking of school lunches, check out this blog.  It's one of G's college friends.  We think he is really clever and has been the inspiration for G's "fun" lunches.

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StrykerLOVE said...

i love the school lunch blog - I so want marc to copy!