Friday, April 8, 2011

I Want To Remember These Quirks

Buddy gets a lot of air time on the ol' blog because he says and does a lot of funny stuff.  But this little boy deserves a shout-out too.  I have often said that one of Sambo's talents is being adorable.  He is just so cute, I can hardly stand it.  I could just kiss his cheeks and watch him play all day.  He says the cutest things and those big eyes...  I'm a sucker for this kid and I can't help myself.  He's a handful at times, but he is just so dang cute the rest of the time I quickly forget about his crazy shenanigans.

I really hope I always remember how he is at age 3.  This documentation will help:
  • He is a major hypochondriac.  He always thinks he's "sick" and begs -- BEGS -- to go to the doctor, get medicine, or get a bandaid.  A couple days ago he cracked into the children's ibuprofen we left on the bathroom counter and drank the rest of the bottle because he was "sick."  Thank goodness there was only about an ounce in the bottle, so no harm was done.  But that was our first call to Poison Control.  Yesterday I had a dermatologist appointment and as soon as he realized I was going to the doctor he came down with a horrible "illness" too and said he needed to go to the doctor too and he wanted a shot.  (What kid wants a shot?!)  While we were in the waiting room he cuddled up to me and laid in my arms like a little invalid moaning that his tummy hurt "really bad."  All to convince me he needed to see the doctor.  Additionally, my neck has been bothering me so I've been putting a hot rice pack around it throughout the day.  He's jealous of this, so now unfortunately his neck, leg, and tummy all "hurt" too.  So now we have to take turns using the rice pack.
  • "Child Proof" means nothing to this kid.  We've thought of changing his name to Houdini because he can get in or out of anything.  (See above with the medicine.)  Luckily he's not terribly curious or we'd have a lot more problems.  He was barely walking when he started climbing out of his crib.  Those door childlocks never have kept him in his room (he had one on his door the morning he drank the medicine).  And it was a year ago that he first started hopping over the large gate at the top of our very steep stairs and climbing out of his 5-point harness carseat.  Today he opened the car door while we were driving for probably the 20th time.  The first time it happened we were on the freeway.  I'm trying to be better about locking the car, although he also knows how to unlock the door. 
  • He loves the color orange and especially loves his orange pumpkin socks.  He wears them anytime they are clean.  If I fold and put away the laundry, guaranteed he will find those socks and wear them.  Last night I laid them out with a clean set of clothes for today.  And when I checked on him before I went to bed, they were already on his feet. 
  • He loooooooves his big brother.  This week he started saying he "misses" Buddy when he's at school and he says it every day now.  It hurts his feelings if Buddy forgets to kiss him before school and is in a foul mood until Buddy gets home and apologizes. 
  • He doesn't need a nap most of the time, but if he does go to sleep he wakes up in a really bad mood.  It's not at all worth it.  
  • He falls asleep super easily in the car and if he naps in the car, he doesn't wake up in a bad mood.
  • He is fiercely independent.  In his mind, life has to be fair.  If Buddy gets to do something he doesn't or can't, then all hell breaks loose.  As long as I let him do things himself and do things Buddy gets to do, he is almost always extremely happy and pleasant to be around.  If not, oh boy.  Watch out.  (As an oldest child myself, I know this is extremely annoying.  Luckily Buddy doesn't seem to mind at all.)
  • His best friends are Connor and of course, Buddy.  He would play with Connor every day if I'd arrange it.
  • He'll do pretty much anything I ask of him in order to get the amazing privilege of opening the garage door.  I can motivate him to hurry and get his coat and shoes on when we need to go somewhere, if I let him push the button to open the garage.
  • He loves to sing.  Even if he doesn't know the words, he belts out his own words.  ADORABLE.  You should hear him during sacrament meeting.  Oh man I hope he never stops singing like that.
  • He also loves to color and do "homework" like his brother.  I'd estimate he spends three hours a day on average coloring and doing homework sheets.  He loves it.  If I'm doing something on the couch, he cuddles next to me with his blanket on his lap and his workbook.  When I get ready in the morning he brings a workbook into the bathroom.  His interest is very much art, though, and not academics.  He's the first artist in our family, so I'm totally fine with that. 
  • He uses the word "no" generously.  He does not do what he doesn't want to do.  Period.  Unless you motivate him with the garage door, or some other equally exciting activity that makes him feel like he's a big boy.  And then he's the most agreeable child in the world.
  • He eats yogurt almost every day for lunch.
  • Whenever I give myself a treat, he asks me why I "need" it.  (Buddy told him a few weeks ago that I deserve treats.)  So now I've got my own personal food police.  It's awfully hard to explain to a 3-year old why a mother would NEED a treat.
  • Even though I've got almost endless patience for this child, he likes G a LOT more than he likes me.  It makes no sense and is starting to make me mad actually.  Oh well, I can't stay mad at him for very long. 

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