Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump or Monkey

Years ago we used to love a David Letterman segment called "Trump or Monkey"  Dave would show a tightly cropped picture of hair, and the lucky contestant would have to decide if it was Donald Trump's hair or a monkey's hair.  It was hilarious and was actually more difficult than it sounds.  The contestants usually got the answer wrong.

We've got our own little Trump or Monkey among us.  We've always struggled to find a decent hairstyle for Sambo, because he's got a square head, a gigantic forehead, and extremely fine hair.  But it wasn't until the other day when I was scrolling through some old photos of him, did I realize just how bad things were at times. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Sambo at my friend Nicki's house yesterday.  He wanted his hair up in a rubberband like her daughters.  And then he got genuinely mad when I took it out to go to Costco.  Since he already looks like a girl, I figured having his hair in a rubberband would be a bad idea out in public. 

And, not to leave Buddy out... he has crazy hair too.  He actually has really great hair, but it's extremely thick and wavy and is difficult to tame.  He hasn't had a haircut in awhile, and he desperately needs one.  I bribed him to let me take the following picture the other day.  He would be mortified if he knew I was posting it on the www.  He made me promise "I wouldn't show it to any of my friends."  But it's just too awesome not to share.

Crazy hair aside, they are both just adorable!


R said...

The Trump comparison is both hilarious and true!

J said...

Sambo looks like he has a comb-over in almost every picture. You should do a segment called "real or toupee" cause some of Sambo's hair look like a wig. Ha Ha Ha!