Friday, April 22, 2011

License to Practice What?

This week my neighbor told me that a conversation she had with Buddy "got her right out of her winter depression."  Buddy is hilarious, I'll admit.  But let me tell you about a situation that got me right out of my winter depression.

As a member of the Oregon State Bar, G is part of a listserve that received an email this week about a continuing education course.  Apparently the listserve had some issues because anytime anyone replied to the email to ask a question about the course or to request they "take me off this list," the reply got sent to everyone.  So over the course of a day, G -- and everyone else on the list -- got approximately 60 emails from people who were irritated they had received the original email. Apparently those same people were not irritated by the 60 followup emails. 

G told me about the situation I seriously doubled over laughing hysterically at all the awesome replies that people sent out.  I found it so incredibly funny... and ironic.

Keep in mind, only members of the Bar received the email, which means these people were smart enough to go to law school, graduate from law school, take the Bar, then pass the Oregon Bar.  So in theory, these people should be smart.

But not smart enough to notice the instructions for unsubscribing at the bottom of the email.

Interestingly enough, the first line of the original email read, "Please share this information widely with your colleagues and networks."

Dear Folks Who Wrote the Original Email:  consider that task done.  And done well.

Let me share with you the awesome replies. G deleted a few of the original ones before I begged him to save them for my enjoyment.  (All typos are from the original emails.)

Please remove me from this mailing list.
I am afraid someone has the wrong email address.
Maybe this will help:
I believe I was sent thid email by mistake.
Please remove me from this list.
Since when do I have a say in CLE credit approval?  Please send only to those concerned. 
Why am I receiving these e-mails?
Remove me from this list please
Please remove me from your list.
Why am I receiving these e-mails?
And it’s on!
Rather than getting a bunch more of these, I would like to point out that instructions on how to remove yourself are at the bottom….
Please remove me from all mailing lists.
Please remove me.
Remove my email address immediately please.
Anybody want to educate the rest of us, what the hell is going on here?
Please take me off your e-mail list.
Please remove me from this list
Please also remove me from this list immediately.
Out of courtesy for other victims of this list, please direct your unsubscribe requests to the OMA address as I did, not to the entire “list” address, as others have.          
Please remove me from this mailing list.
Please promptly remove me from this list, whatever it is.  Thank you.
I am assigning this list to my junk mail folder.
Why am I receiving these e-mails?
Please remove me too.
Please take me off this list
Please remove me from this list.
I DID NOT send this to anyone.  I received one too.
Please remove my name as well.
At the risk of perpetuating this e-mail once more but in hopes of stopping them from overwhelming everyone’s e-mail inbox, please:Do NOT hit “reply all” to this e-mail.  Your are replying to a list serve address which causes your e-mail to be distributed to everyone on that list.  If you wish to e-mail someone at the bar or the OMA please e-mail them directly; and
If you do not want to receive the e-mails advertising programs from the bar in the future, please use the “unsubscribe” links at the bottom of the original e-mail.  Federal law gives the sender 10 business days to remove you from the list.
This is a Mailman list.  You need to change the following setting so that replies are sent to the administrator of the list only and are not sent to everyone on the list.  Go to the list administration menu.  Choose General Options.  Change the following setting to "Poster". Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly recommended for most mailing lists.

To everyone on this list:  Please, let's just stop replying to this chain of email.  To anyone who wants to unsubscribe:  Please follow the instructions, which are posted at the bottom of every email.  Please do not just hit Reply.  Thank you.  I am merely offering advice.  I do not in any way control this list.Stop REPLYING PLEASE   
Dear Colleagues:  I respectfully ask that you immediately remove my name from the E-Mail lists which have spawned this unwanted contact.  Thank you for your kind assistance.
Please remove me from this list immediately
Everybody!!  Stop hitting "Reply All" and instead set up a mailbox "rule" to filter the subject line "[oregon_bar]" and set the rule to automatically place all future messages in the trash.
Remove me also
Please stop hitting reply all.
Please remove us as well.
Please remove me from the list.
Please remove me from this/these lists. Much appreciated
Please remove me from this list.    Thank you. 
Why am I getting this? Please remove me from this forward. Thank you


J said...

Holy crapy that's awesome! And BTW, please take me off this list:)

R said...

This happens often at work, too. Starts off withsome who can't tell the difference between reply and reply all. Once it gets rolling everyone piles on intentionally. Annoying. I just delete all.