Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skiing (by G)

We've already shared a few things that we did over spring break. However, one particular event was one of the absolute highlights of the trip. Typically, Reno in spring is usually full of blue skies and sunshine. This time, however, we were met with wind, rain, and snow. We did have a small break in the weather on a Tuesday, so my dad and I loaded up our skis and brought along something that we hadn't ever brought before: Buddy!

I was eight years old when I first started skiing and so I'd been itching to get Buddy up on the hill. My dad was equally excited to have Buddy start. We drove up to Mt. Rose and enrolled him in a two-hour lesson. When we first rented his equipment, we had enough time for one run before we had to eat a quick lunch and get to the lesson. Buddy, true to form, wanted to go down the hill all by himself right from the start. We helped him down the hill and then dropped him off for his lesson.

My dad and I skied in the meantime and got a lot of runs in. My plantar fasciitis was causing my feet to hurt in my ski boots, but I was still having fun. Once the lesson got over, we met Buddy and made a couple more runs with him. The first run was a little rough, but on the second run, he did phenomenal. I can't even begin to describe how much fun it was to see my oldest son cruising down the mountain on skis. Skiing and snowboarding have been a lifelong passion for me and my dad. I'm glad that I can pass that on to Buddy. Unfortunately, because of the weather we weren't able to go again in Reno, but we will definitely go again here.

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