Sunday, March 18, 2012


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A pesky little leprechaun named Pat O'Brien visited our home this weekend.  He caused all sorts of havoc including turning the milk green, switching the boys' pillows and stuffed animals in their sleep, replacing their bedding with green blankets, scattering the contents of their underwear drawer, and scattering peanuts on the floor in the kitchen (a family joke).  He also left footprints and peed and pooped in two different toilets.  (Yes, he reads Pinterest.)  Perhaps the best, though, was he drew mustaches on the kids while they slept.
While Pat was up to all sorts of pranks, G and I were laughing ourselves silly.  I'm so glad I chose a spouse that is good at thinking up "Irish" names and doing pranks on the kids in the middle of the night.  I think G and I fell even deeper in love bonding over each others hilarity.
While the boys thought this as exciting as Christmas, Pat's shenanigans have backfired -- slightly.  Now anytime Sambo makes a mess or loses something he vehemently blames it on "the leprechaun."
As for G and I... we celebrated St. Patrick's day enjoying the green land of Oz.  We had never seen Wicked before and it definitely lived up to the hype.  We both loved it!  Can't wait to see it again. 
Here we are in the theater.

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R said...

Loved what you did! The boys loved it as they kept telling us the rest of the day. Great idea! Keep having fun in the family!