Sunday, March 11, 2012


G and I have finally admitted what a lot of people have been telling us.  That our littlest son is "quirky."

Sambo was the world's calmest baby.  Although he was sick a lot and had some eating problems, he was never fussy.  As a toddler he never got into anything.  He made/makes messes and writes on walls and surfaces, but that's been the extent of him causing any trouble.  He's always been a great sleeper, he grew out of his eating problems, and since day one has always been great to go with the flow.  I can run errands with him and can get housework done with him around -- no problem.  Although he had a pretty significant speech delay, he has never gotten frustrated by it and rarely throws tantrums.  He's happy and pleasant and always been an absolute joy to be around. 

Apparently he's one of those "late bloomer" types because he is no longer that calm baby.  In the last year he's been slowly developing his personality and getting an opinion on things.  He has always been very independent, but it's never been a real problem because while he always wants to do things HIMSELF or HIS WAY, he is really compliant and usually HIS WAY is my way too.

A few months before he turned four he started to talk a lot better and I realized he did have a mind of his own after all.  He started saying some seriously funny things.  He was talking like a 2-year old, but had the intellect of a 4-year old (going on 8-year old since he has been very well tutored by his older brother who is very clever).  That combination made for a lot of laughs.

Around that time, people starting remarking about what a "handful" he was.  I never saw it, though.  He was always so easy for me, especially when I was giving him my full attention, which was always, in all reality.  But if I'd leave him with a babysitter, they'd say he was a problem.  He acted up for his primary teachers and in preschool.  I was so confused because I never really saw the wild side.

But let's talk about things currently.  Since he turned 4 a few months ago, everywhere I go people call him "quirky" or "wild" or "busy" or "a handful."  G and I would actually say, "Do you think he's that kid that drives everyone crazy but we think he's perfect because we have our heads buried in the sand?"  Then as quickly as we'd say that we'd followup with a quick, "Nah, if he's driving anyone crazy, it's their problem.  He's a delight!"

Oh Buddy.  G and I are getting it now.  He is really busy.  But more than that (because he isn't even half as wild as his brother was/is)... he is really quirky.

Here are some things that he does that add up to the crazy-artist personality he's developing:

  • He's super high on life.  He walks with a spring in his step at all times.
  • He has mastered whistling.  (Which drives me crazy, to be honest.)  Have you ever seen a 4-year old whistle while they play?  Me either.
  • He loves pink, purple and anything sparkly.  He wishes he was a princess and loves to dress up in his "princess dress" which is a tutu we bought on clearance at Halloween time.  He does NOT act like a princess in it, so it is torn to shreds.  I finally realized he likes pink and purple best because he loves beauty and nobody ever says blue or green (for example) are pretty.
  • If he isn't focused on anything else, you will find him standing on his head or doing his "special tricks" which is a fancy forward roll where he lands on his feet rather than his back.  He does these moves constantly and usually at really inappropriate times (preschool, church).  This all started after he watched an old-school Ninja Turtle movie.
  • While playing with bubbles in primary today, he got all the kids to crawl around acting like animals.  He was a cheetah (or cheater, as he called himself) and he started eating the bubbles.  He was sad when we finished because he was still "hungry."
  • He loves to cook and I expect within the year he'll know how to make something legitimate.  He knows how to run the kitchenaid and knows the proper consistency for bread dough. 
  • I've written before about his hair.  It's gotten worse.
  • He told my cousin she was weird tonight.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  • He is a bona fide hypochondriac.  He begs to go to the doctor, he loves getting shots, and he hides bandaids under his bed so he can put one on whenever the mood strikes.
  • He's hands down the most outgoing and bossy kid in our primary class.  Which is saying something considering we have eleven 4-year old boys in our class.  (Not a single girl!)  Such a far cry from the boy that never spoke 18 months ago.
  • He cries during certain movies or primary stories involving people or animals who get lost, chased, or have no friends.  He can watch Pirates of the Caribbean or Tron Legacy but he can't handle Finding Nemo,  Spirit (the horse movie), or Angelina Ballerina. And thank goodness we are his primary teachers because he's cried the past two weeks during stories from the primary manual.
  • I've had to hide all diapers or pullups we have left stuffed in closets or drawers because I've randomly found him wearing pullups or a diaper on under his underwear.  He doesn't pee in them, but he thinks it's fun.  And I've also found him wearing several pairs of underwear at a time. 
  • And this isn't quirky per se, but the relationship he has with his brother.  He ADORES and IDOLIZES Buddy.  And Buddy just cannot say no to him.  I'm sure being spoiled by Buddy probably contributes to him being a "handful" because anytime we try to discipline him or he loses a privilege, Buddy undermines us.
Interestingly enough, it's his big personality and crazy interests that endear him more to us.  We totally adore him.  I can't imagine a child has ever been so loved... 

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Quirky? Maybe, but aren't we all. Fun? Definitely!