Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank you...

...For all the kind comments, texts, facebook "shares," and prayers concerning our continued hopes to adopt.  We appreciate you so much!  It always helps to feel like we're doing something every once in awhile to the move the process along.

Buddy told my mom that he decided he doesn't want another baby after all because... "Who would play with Sambo?  I'll be so busy playing with the new baby, and no one will play with him.  Maybe we should get two babies.  One for me and one for Sambo.  Then he would have someone to play with still."

And in un-related news, Sambo and I were reviewing letters and sounds tonight.  I told him "P" is for "pig" but he corrected me. "P" is for "pullup" and "H" is not for hippo, it's for "hothead."

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