Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In the past 24 hours I've had four separate experiences that have made me feel like I'm getting a bit... well, older. And none of my experiences have anything to do with the fact that I've been feeling a bit older. (No, I'm not blogging about how I have to exercise in order to eat candy these days, how I can't sit on the floor very easily any more, or how I have the face of a teenager, but I've found a few stray gray hairs here and there recently. NOW THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!)

(1) Yesterday I received a comment from a very lovely friend from my freshman year at BYU. Oh how I love re-connecting. I few moments on her blog made me realize that we would still be friends if we lived in the same area. As I read through some of her old posts I couldn't help but realize how much she seems the same, but how much has changed in our lives since the glory days in Deseret Towers. Then a terrible thought came to me,"Oh crap. It's been THIRTEEN years since I was started college. How old am I!" And if I'm well into my thirties, how do I keep forgetting that?

(2) So instead of going to bed at a decent hour last night, G and I stayed up watching last weekend's episode of SNL. Doogie Howser (sp?) was hosting and he was actually quite funny. He said something about doing his show in 1990 and my initial reaction was, "It seems longer ago than 1990. I swear I was a teenager when that show was on." Then I did a few calculations and realized, "Oh crap. That show was on NINETEEN years ago! I was a teenager THAT long ago! Why does 1990 seems just like yesterday?" And to be honest the fact that I don't know the guy's real name (even though I know he's on a popular show currently) -- and I was laughing hysterically at his jokes -- probably also show how old I am.

(3) So today I was feeling frazzled by hours and hours and hours of conversations with insurance agents trying to nail down some good rates for our auto/home needs. Plus the kids were being... well, kids. So I sent them to nap time/quiet time and did what any self-respecting stay-at-home mom does. I pulled up wiki and tried to find some interesting articles to read about Brandon Flowers (Killers lead singer). I about DIED when I realized there was a reference to a Daily Universe article, the student newspaper at BYU. The article was dated 2006, so I thought to myself, "Do I know that reporter? Was I still working in the newsroom in 2006? Oh crap! I graduated in 2000 and haven't stepped foot in the newsroom since April of that year." Oh, what's a few (six) years.

(4) Then we were driving down the road this evening and Buddy says, "Mommy. I'm soooo sad you're going to die." I say, "What in the world? What makes you say that?" And then he tells me how I'm getting older and he knows we all die when we get older. He also brought the same conversation up with G at dinner, so apparently I'm not the only old one around here.


G said...

Neil Patrick Harris

Krissy said...

Ha ha! Wanna know what makes me feel old? The fact that I taught one of our current sister missionaries in the ward... in JUNIOR HIGH!

R said...

Old is when you kids are old.


R said...

I use to measure my age by the cheerleaders at football games. When I was in grade school, they gradually went from looking like my mother to the older women I was infatuated with. Then they looked like my girl friends, in fact one was. Then they starterd looking younger. Then like my daughters. Now they are headed for looking like my grandchildren. Sigh.

Michelle said...

Sounds like I'm not the only one who is having something of a mid-life crisis then...phew!