Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We're on a sock strike around here. And when I saw "we," I mean the boys. It's really strange, but neither of my children will wear socks. I realize it's just the age with Sambo. He removes his socks approximately a thousand times a day. Whenever we get in the car, he takes them right off. The other day I was cleaning up the car and found FOUR pair stuffed here and there around his carseat. This morning he took his socks off right when he got into his highchair. I have no idea how he maneuvered that, considering he was strapped in and all.
I tried rob.eez (the knock-off brand) but they don't fit right and he can take those right off too.

Buddy is five and I have no idea what his issue is, but he takes his socks off constantly too. Whenever we go somewhere, he takes his socks off and loses them. It drives me MAD. I don't get it.

I would have given up on socks a long time ago, except strangers feel the need to criticize me and tell me that I "should put socks on my infant." Plus my sister is a therapist and said her dysfunctional parents she deals with usually don't outfit their kids with socks and it drives her nuts. So social pressures have been motivating me to stay the course when it comes to socks. Besides if I saw some "teenage-looking" mom around town with a baby without socks I'd probably judge too.

But today when Sambo took his socks off five seconds after I got him dressed, I rolled them up and put them back in the drawer and said never mind. I'm sick of putting socks on all day and I'm even more sick of buying new ones when they take them off at the store or a friend's house and they get lost.

My children are no longer wearing socks. Until next winter when we'll try this again.


G said...

Socks are overrated anyways.

R said...

I never saw a Mikkelsen kid were socks til they were in school. They seem to have turned out OK.

Myndi said...


Myndi said...

I should add this: at least you'll never have to worry about them wearing socks with tevas or birkenstocks.

G said...

Great point, Myndi! Especially in Portland.

Mandy said...

G - I'm surprised you would make fun of that considering you used to sport that look in college

M- What is it with boys and socks? Hopefully they'll grow out of that. My husband never did. He takes his socks off the second he gets home from work and leaves them all over the house. It drives me insane.