Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Golden Child

G and I joke all the time that Sambo is the Golden Child. He has been a very good and easy baby. He's always pleasant and pretty much just goes with the flow. Plus he's cute as all get out.

He's been giving us a real run for our money lately. I still think he's pretty great, but wow, he's busy and all he does is screech and make messes. (Now I remember why one years old was my very least favorite age with Buddy. But Buddy wasn't a screecher, so what was I complaining about with him?)

So mark this day. This is the new Golden Child.

Buddy has been an absolute joy to be around lately. He treats his brother like gold, he is extremely helpful, he's obedient, he's hilarious, and he is an all-around terrific boy. We have a lot going on around here lately and he does everything and more that I ask of him.

Is it asking too much to get both boys on the same Golden Child schedule?

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