Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock n Roll

You probably know by now that G and Buddy are both rock stars in the making. They both LOVE music and spend quite a bit of time scoping out new tunes, listening, and memorizing.

When G was a boy he started gathering a collection of tapes. We've got boxes and boxes and boxes of his favorites up in our attic. Now we have 3 jumbo CD books full of CD's and at last count 9300 songs in itunes on our computer. And most of the songs on the computer are different from our CD's. That's a whole lot of music.

I'm sure this is some sort of addiction.

G had a band or two in college and keeps threatening to form another one with work friends. I was really worried he was serious UNTIL somebody invented the game Rockband. Luckily our good friends, Shauna and Jesse got it and let's say G has diverted his rock star energy in that direction instead of inconveniencing me with a real band. G and his buddies are totally and utterly addicted to the game. One friend, Ben, even designed and made them t-shirts to wear while they play. It's hilarious! But I have to admit I really enjoy playing as well. Kinda brings out the rock star in me too.

But anyway, it shouldn't be a big surprise that Buddy is becoming a music addict as well. He knows more songs on the top 40 or alternative stations than most teenagers. It's borderline freaky how well he knows and loves music. (But don't be alarmed, we try very hard to make sure he doesn't hear or repeat inappropriate lyrics.)

For Christmas Santa brought Buddy a guitar so he could start to learn and it's already one of his prized possessions. He plays it all the time and even creates quite a band out of his dinosaurs and stuffed animals, using some of Sambo's toy instruments too. It's quite impressive actually!

Buddy loves the Killers, just like his mama. (He's got taste, you know.) The other night at dinner he gave me a little "karaoke-style" concert. So turn up your speakers and settle in for the cutest junior rock star you've ever heard.


Krissy said...

That was AWESOME!!! Tell "Buddy" he rocks! He needs to do a duet with Allie. :)

Emma said...

that was so cool! I think a Buddy- Allie duet would be great! I heard Sambo in the background - he liked it too;)

Myndi said...

Hippo LOVED it. I'm not sure if it was because Buddy is singing one of his (Hippo's) current favorite songs or if it is because Buddy is his new favorite person on the planet.

I LOVED it too. Buddy is extraordinary at everything he does.

G said...

I'm not giving on the the real rock band thing!

JLJ said...

I followed the link on your Christmas letter and found your blog - and I'm so glad! Buddy is awesome! I think he sings better than the original. Seriously impressive. I took the liberty of reading your last few posts too. It brought back many a U-hall memory. Your writing style is so much like the way I remember you talking - your witty vocabulary. Needless to say it's been an enjoyable 1/2 hour of reading. :)

Oh, and PS. I SUCK at Guitar Hero. I let Spouse talk me into getting it for Christmas because he said it would be so fun. I don't get it. I'm awful.

crazymamma said...

hey..guess what !!! i figured out where you go to download your blog so you can print it ..anyhow..i believe it is like 40 bucks or so to have it printed and mailed to you! yeah! I cant wait to get the time to do ours!!..btw...conner and gavin freaked out when they saw noah singing! they loved it! Gavin will now come to the computer and ask if he can watch "oah sing" it is adorable! oa ya..and..ROCKBAND ROCKS!!!

Yin said...

That is so freaking cute. (Buddy, not G's band) :-)

J said...

Holy Smokes! I guess I'm not the only one who loved Buddy's performnce. I'm speachless.