Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Believing in Santa

Sam actually was excited this year to sit on Santa's lap too.  Three is the magical age when Santa becomes your friend!

We've thought for a few years now that Buddy would learn the truth about Santa young.  He's always seemed suspicious and has always asked a lot of questions about the jolly guy.  The best was a few years ago when he saw the items in his stocking and said, "Looks like Santa Claus shops at the Dollar Tree and Fred Meyer!"  He was 3 years old at the time.

So it surprises us that at age of 7 he believes more than ever.  Although just tonight he asked if Santa is really real... We've determined that all his questions have been to reassure himself that Santa is real and to paint a more elaborate story in his mind of the magic of Christmas.  With all this magic he's created, we think it'll be a good long time before he believes anything different.  We love it that way!

 The boys waiting for the rest of the kids to sit on Santa's lap so they could get their presents.

Case in point:  Last week was G's work Christmas party.  Every year Santa makes an appearance -- and brings gifts.  And this year Buddy was on pins and needles, asking every 30 seconds how many more minutes until he arrived.  Buddy was at a craft station adding glitter to a paper snowflake when he first heard the tinkling of Santa's bell as he came down the hall to the party.  As soon as he heard the bell, Buddy dropped his glitter and literally RAN to Santa.  He ended up the second child (of probably 50) in line to sit on Santa's lap. It was so classic Buddy and I was so glad to be standing right there to witness his innocence and his enthusiasm.

Hopefully he never stops believing.  

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R said...

Yes, Buddy, never stop belieiving.