Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We got a gorgeous tree this year.  Buddy and G braved the tree farm in heavy rains and Buddy picked it out.  They did a most excellent job choosing!  The boys, particularly Buddy, love decorating for holidays.  Buddy is very particular about how things get decorated, and I hate the act of decorating, so I let them take control of the tree.  They put things where they want, and while there are some sparse places (especially at the top), it looks great!  I love fresh trees and I love my kids, and I love listening to Christmas music, and I love all the handmade and other meaningful ornaments, so it was quite a joyful time watching them work. 

In case you are curious, G got sweaty bringing our tree in, so he took his shirt off to cool off.  Next thing you know, the boys had their shirts off too. (I kept mine on.)
As a sidenote, a few weeks ago, when we were still decorating for Halloween, Buddy asked me if when he moves out if he can take the Halloween and Christmas decorations with him.  I still feel sick to my stomach that he is already thinking about moving out (however, I was about his age when I started making plans, so it makes sense).  But still, it illustrates how much he loves decorating for the holidays. 

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Myndi said...

The pictures crack me up, especially the last one.

Hip opened a bunch of presents that were under our tree with a friend last night while we were busy talking to some friends. I think it was so funny and L yelled at me for putting them there when we have a two year-old roaming around.

Hip also loves decorating too, so much so that I wish there were more holidays as this is an activity that will engage him for about an hour, which is priceless around here.