Sunday, December 12, 2010

Growing Old Gracefully

A couple weeks ago Buddy was sitting next to me on the couch.  He looked over at me, pointed to my hair, and said, "Did you know they make hair dye for those?"
(True, I'm getting some grays.  But I told him I've been too busy planning birthday parties and Christmas to make a hair appointment.) 

Earlier this week Buddy informed me my tummy is getting fatter.
(It's true.)

And then a few days later he told me I look like a teenager, but I'm getting old.
(That's true too.)


Myndi said...

I guess I'll check my self esteem at your door.

belle black said...

Ha ha. Out of the mouth of babes, eh? The reason this is so funny, though, is because you look SO young! Seriously. Always have and probably always will. I know Buddy's pretty much a genius, but you have to take my word on this one. You look 25. :)

Nicki said...

Nothing like kids to make your self-esteem soar :) And the day you look your age is the day pigs fly so I think you're safe!

R said...

Uh, there's no way my girl has any gray hairs. Nope. No way. While I will admit the days are past that everyone thinks you look 12, I'm sure people wonder if you are a teen mother. I need to have a talk with Buddy.